LENIRE Tinnitus Therapy UPDATE [english]

guys this is a quick update for the liner therapy my name is maxime bauer i am an audiologist 
from munich germany and owner of the clinic   neuschwan today i want to talk about a patient 
she is 54 years old and lives close to munich   and she suffers from severe tinnitus since 2014 
15 and we started with a thi score of 82 points   which is a lot and after six weeks we reduced it 
to 70 points and after 12 weeks now we went down   to 66 points so we have a total reduction of 
16 yes 16 points on the score of the thi score   this is a very good result but not good enough 
and we will keep on going with the therapy um   for another two weeks and then we will set her 
back to program number one because we think we   will have even more uh success with the program 
one where we had um 12 points and now we have   four points and let's try again program number 
one what we learned with a linear is that um   most of our patients don't like the noise that 
you are hearing while the therapy is going on   so you have this noise this white noise goes like 
and then you have the high pitched tones like and then you have the melody like a piano 
melody that goes like and the white noise makes   a few patients i would say up to 50 yes makes 
them feel uncomfortable because it's too loud   compared to the other noises and we we 
can reprogram it and lower the noise   so they feel more comfortable and like to 
continue the therapy even more this is what   we learned number one and learning number two 
is we should not go for six weeks and six weeks   i recommend eight to ten weeks plus eight to ten 
weeks because the longer you suffer from tinnitus   the more likely it is that we have success with 
with a longer therapy and this is it i will keep   you up to da up to date in my next video and if 
you haven't subscribed to my channel you have to   do you have to do it now you have to chance to do 
it now and if you liked the video i would be happy   happy if you give me a thumb up and that's that's 
it for today see you guys yours max power bye bye

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