Hello my friends and welcome to a new episode of "Just Sanja". Here we go! Today is about tip number one, which has helped me to cope better with my tinnitus . So let's go! Tip number 1: deal with the tinnitus and with this symptom, with this term. What is it exactly? How does it work? What actually happens in the ear canal and how is it triggered? Realize that it is not just a disease or something that you should have away from, but it is your body so it needs your attention and you most of the time. Personally, it helped me a lot to deal with the topic, to understand how everything is connected. That, for example, it is not just my neck that is to blame for the fact that I now have tinnitus or that it is louder, but that it all works together.

When I just have a stressful day, or currently issues that are just mentally stressful, I automatically tighten my jaw without even realizing it. Tense my shoulders, my muscles, my tissue is just a lot harder. It's all interrelated, it's not just this one process, it's all interrelated. And understanding that has helped me to turn my whole life upside down and just to live more consciously and to really take care of myself and watch. So again a short version – tip number 1: deal with the topic. Tinnitus is not your enemy. You may not like it, but it helps to make friends with the tinnitus, your body's voice, your body's signal, or whatever you want to call it.

It happens in here in here, this is your own body that enables you to live, so be nice to it and make friends with it. Nice that you were there again! Next week there will also be tip number 2 – how I have learned to deal better with my tinnitus and now really live very satisfied with it. Stay tuned, subscribe to this channel right away, if you want to find out more and if you liked this video, please leave a like there and we'll see you again next week! Goodbye dear ones! Thanks for watching!.

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