Kalmeda Tinnitus-App – Deine Tinnitus-Therapie auf Rezept

Welcome to Kalmeda, the tinnitus app. Tinnitus is caused by stress, temporomandibular joint problems or ear diseases. The tinnitus itself also causes stress – and a vicious circle is created. This need not be, because hearing processing can learn to suppress it again even with chronic tinnitus. This is achieved through acoustic measures and relaxation processes and above all through cognitive behavioral therapy. Ultimately, it is your attitude towards tinnitus that decides how much it determines your life. A specially tailored exercise program brings more peace into your life step by step. Developed by doctors and psychologists, Kalmeda is based on the latest scientific findings about how the brain works. Kalmeda – the app with which you can get your tinnitus under control. More information is available on the website or in the app stores..

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