Is there a connection between COVID-19 and tinnitus?

here to talk more about that condition is dr connor sullivan audiologist at baylor college of medicine good morning to you and i'm really glad you're joining us and i know a lot of people call it tinnitus tinnitus it's called many things but we do know it's ringing in the ears and it can be miserable what causes it in the first place um well good morning melissa thank you so much for having me and my condolences to the family um so tinnitus can be caused by a bunch of different factors it can be caused by hearing loss it can be caused by a middle ear dysfunction that is resulting in hearing loss it can be caused by a traumatic brain injury or possibly some medication that the patient is taking but really what's happening is is the brain is starving for some information and the brain is just looking for something and so as we start to get some hearing loss the brain notices that there's some missing information there and it starts to fill it in and so that's that ringing sound or that wishing sound that you're hearing it's just that missing information there can you talk to us about what you hear patients tell you that they have to go through because it can be overwhelming if you almost just can't even think straight because of that ringing in your ears you know they're you're absolutely correct and you know there's a broad spectrum of how people describe it you know some people will come in and they say that they hear crickets or just kind of a chirping sound other people say that they hear just kind of a fleeting sound in their ear and then other people say that it's just a constant roaring sound and it affects their day-to-day life there's a broad spectrum of how the tinnitus or tinnitus can present itself so if you're experiencing that it's very important that you come on into your audiologist your ear nose and throat physician so that way we can get it assessed and see if we can figure out what's causing it because oftentimes if we can find what's causing it we can figure out a solution for it what can you do to treat it because you hear about supplements all the time people touting to treat it but you know you wonder if they really work you know um really supplements are really not going to be effective so if you go to like walgreens or cvs and see a supplement i would not encourage taking those until we can find out what the cause is because it could be as simple as just some earwax leaning on the eardrum and that's a pretty simple fix to undertake if it's hearing loss sometimes the most effective solution is to treat the hearing loss with some appropriately fit technology or if it's something else we can always look at that and see what the solution is there all right and from what i understand so far it's unclear what the connection is with covid19 but we're certainly sorry for what we found out about the the roadhouse founder thank you for your time so much from baylor college today thank you for having me

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