Internet Tinnitus Remedies – Health Yourself Guide

Yeah unfortunately with tinnitus you will
find a lot of stuff online. That's I guess basically snake oil is the best
way to describe it. And I would say right off the bat anything that calls itself a
miracle cure you should not really take seriously. That you probably should avoid it
because there might be some some negative side effects that could come
with it as well. Depending what it is. Because some of them are pills and
drops right? Like if things people are putting into your body it's not just you know
putting a speaker on the table. Yeah, exactly. And so unfortunately yes people
have tried to sometimes market some things like that that you will take or
ingest and try to cure the tinnitus and unfortunately there is no cure at this
time. Even for sound options we are trying to reduce it and make it more
manageable. We never plan to eliminate it altogether. So you know that's one red
flag if you do see someone claiming that they found the cure or cure this

The other thing you should always look at is has there been any
kind of clinical testing clinical trial related to this treatment? And and that's
important because what this clinical trial will show you is there's been
kind of a rigorous way to test you know what the effects of this of this
treatment is. Now if you really wanted to dig deep
you should check whether this trial was a controlled trial which basically means
that the treatment was compared to something else and that way you can kind
of rule out whether it was just a placebo so for example if someone tells
you okay I'm going to give me this thing and it's going to treat your tinnitus
for some people that that might make them feel like that is helping and it
could be a temporary benefit but maybe not
long term. So a proper trial will also compare to make sure people know they
might get a treatment but they might not and then really see what the benefit is.
So that that's something people can always try to investigate as well.

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