How to Stop Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears) – Dr.Berg

hey guys dr. Berg here I want to share with you 
what to do if you have tinnitus it's very very   irritating to people it's frustrating because 
they have this constant sound and their ears   and it can really drive them crazy but tinnitus 
comes from two main root causes it's usually an   earlier infection specifically viral to the 
inner ear which then later in life can come   out as kind of like a mucus buildup so there are 
natural and histamines that you can take and these   are three are the ones that I like if you could 
and I don't have any recommendations but if you   want to search on Amazon you can find them find 
a high-quality bioflavonoid okay that's part   of the vitamin C complex so bioflavonoids are 
really good to help the immune system get rid   of mucus garlic oh my gosh that's one of the best 
things for the inner ear and you could even put a   little drop in the ear but I suggest consuming it 
garlic is really good and oregano oil and I like   these in pearls not as a fluid that you drink 
but a little pearl so you can swallow them and   these three combinations will be really good if 
your problem is maybe an old infection that you   have this mucus on these tiny little hairs that 
are in the ear that are supposedly supposed to be   free of mucus if that is the real reason why 
you can't you have this ring in the air then   these remedies will be the best thing for you 
okay if it's not infection then it won't work   but it's not that expensive to try it out okay 
now if this doesn't work then I go to plan B it   could be a soft tissue calcium that's creating a 
small like a whistling effect soft tissue calcium   can build up in the inner ear and that really 
comes from the vitamin k2 deficiency and the   combination of consuming K 2 and D 3 together are 
really good remedy to pull this excess calcium   out of the soft tissue of the body so what I 
recommend is get the MK7 version that's   the natural version versus the mk4 and then get 
a hundred micrograms in each pill then then get   the d3 of the ten thousand international units 
okay together and I would personally I would   take four and four of these in the morning okay 
and within probably one to potentially two weeks   you should notice the difference if this is the 
real cause so because it's really hard to find   to detect what's causing it you go to doctors I 
don't know what to do there's no remedies don't   care there's some drugs but this is a great way to 
try something natural and see if it can help you   and also I have a quiz down below if you want to 
find out more about what's causing your symptoms   click the link below take the quiz fill it out 
and we'll send you a report thank you for watching

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