How to know if you have Tinnitus? – Dr. Sreenivasa Murthy T M

[Music] hello I am dr. silversmith DTM an ENT consultant practicing at Malaysia I practice at Columbia referral hospital nationhood and senior speciality in the center in Malaysia tinnitus now tinnitus is a terminology in medical practice which means patient is carrying some abnormal noise in the year now typically the patient will come to us and say they suddenly started hearing some humming noise in the year or a ringing noise in the year or a noise like what they would compare it to a cricket insect which produces noise or like waves of a sea or like a motor running constantly now when somebody comes to us and tells they have suddenly started hearing these noises then we have to assess in detail one we need to know whether it is one-sided or whether it is both sided 2 is the duration for how long they have been hearing has it started all of a sudden or has it been there for a very long duration of time continuously or whether it is something which comes and goes every now and then they keep hearing this sound and then goes all these will point us towards a probable diagnosis one – we also ask for associated features like whether they have any hearing loss whether the ear gets clogged when they have this noise or whether it is in synchrony with their heartbeat that means it's called pulsatile tinnitus now why we ask all these questions is various different problems or pathologies can present to us with tinnitus any problem which can cause hearing loss that means to whatever extent can actually cause noise in the year now all of us can actually do a small experiment we can sit in a very silent room plug our ears with our thumb or the forefinger like this as hard as possible and then try to concentrate we will hear a hum in our ear now this is a noise produced in the inner ear now this is what gets accentuated when somebody has some amount of hearing loss and we can present as tinnitus [Music]

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