How do I reduce my Tinnitus? Explained by Dr. Djalilian

so in order to reduce your tinnitus the really important things you need to do are as much as possible don't think about the tinnitus don't listen for the tinnitus don't listen to the tinnitus and don't keep checking on the tinnitus to see if it's there it's not there if it's louder and softer the more you force the brain to pay attention to that signal the more you're bringing that sound into the sort of more conscious part of the brain and what we want to do is have the brain put that information into this so called background signal of the brain so the worst thing you can do is when you start feeling better is to keep check and see and wonder if it's there let me check to see if it's there and keep thinking about concentrating on it and try to think everything quiet I can hear it that's the absolute worst thing you can possibly do because that will cause the tinnitus to persist other things you can do are exercising on a regular basis helps because it helps reduce the stress hormones that can exacerbate the sound of the tinnitus also meditation on a daily basis for even three to five minutes we recommend that after exercising for example you spend three to five minutes doing some deep breathing exercises relaxing your shoulders closing your eyes and just just doing a very deep relaxation which helps relax your body reduce the stress hormones that helps

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