Home Remedies For Tinnitus II टिनिटस के लिए घरेलु उपचार II

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Mr. Sohail Ahmad He has written that I have problem of Tinnitus and for that tell me any home remedy Mr. Sohial before that I would like my other viewer to know that what is tinnitus in tinnitus you have ring type voices in your ears. just like you have ring or bell sort of sound in your ears Some time this voice is low and sometime its low to high Now, why this tinnitus happens See, it has lots of reasons . With the growing age it can cause hearing loss with this reason also tinnitus can happen if any wound or any infection has happened with that also problem of tinnitus happens along with this if there is blockage of wax, means you haven't clean your ears from the long time.

Or if there is excess of wax stuck or block in the ear even then the problem of tinnitus can happen along with people who always around loud sound or just like who works in disco and all they also face this problem those who are regularly with the loud sound area even they can be suffer from this tinnitus problem,. Along with this the Ear bone, due to growth of ear bone also problem of tinnitus happens. Means if the ear bone is growing abnormally then even that also problem of tinnitus happens Along with this if you have BP too either if you have low BP or high BP or Diabetes even then it is notices that due to these also tinnitus happens Now what are the loss from this? They are in lot like difficulty in sleeping You are sleeping and you are hearing an weird sound while this So, one feels very much irritated with this At work he/she is unable to work properly Or if you are talking to someone and suddenly you heard the sound then you are unable to talk properly then the condition become very worst But need not to worry, there are so many remedies available and yet very easy too See, Onion is easily available at everyone's home What you have to do, take an onion and grate grate the onion and then put it into a cloth and take out its juice after taking its juice out just heat up this juice a bit and make sure you should heat it according to your tolerance power after heating it up put it into your both ears put this into your one ear, bend your ear like this for 5 minutes and flush out that hot juice out of your ear then again put the juice in another ear and keep it for 5 minute and bend the ear and take the juice out now what will happen with this Since onion contains anti-bacterial properties So, incase you have got the problem of tinnitus due to bacterial.

So, if you will put onion juice in your ears then within few days you will start getting relief. Along with this you can also use Basil, as basil is also anti bacterial Either finely smash or grind the basil leaves after smashing them , put them into a cloth and take out their juice Now just heat up this juice a bit after heating it up, just put 2-2 drops of this hot juice in your both ears and keep this for 5-7 minutes and then take it out and what remaining juice left in your ear, let it remain there. Basil too have anti-bacterial properties So, in case you have problem of tinnitus due to bacteria then you will start getting relief in that Along with this tinnitus is a very painful , so you will get relief in your pain too.

Along with this what you have to do is, Chew well & eat 7 basil leaves with an empty stomach. With this also you will get relief in the problem of tinnitus Along with this use Mustard Oil as it contains anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties. Take some pure mustard oil & just heat up a bit once its heat up put it into your ears and keep it for 10 minutes Since if you have got tinnitus due to wax blockage then it soften your wax. So, after keeping this lukewarm mustard oil for 10 minutes in ears, put the oil out.

And clean you ear very gently with an ear bud. So, in case you have got tinnitus due to wax blockage so then you will get relief because with mustard oil your wax will become soft. As I said that it contains anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties. So, in case you have tinnitus due to bacterial then of course you will get relief. And you will also get relief in the ear pain too. Do one more thing, when you put mustard oil in your ear then you keep on moving your mouth like this What will happen with this? with this wax will keep on moving & oil will get into deeper in your ear Along with this , exercise of eardrum will be done And what all bacterial will be there , mustard oil will be nicely get quoted there. Wax will be loose, bacteria will be killed and within few days you will start getting relief in tinnitus Presently what to eat in tinnitus, this is what I want to tell you That you should what with which you may get instant relief in this problem But that I will tell you in another episode And yes, lot of our viewers has complain, that they couldn't understand our episode because of language So, let me tell you guys that if you will click on CC tab, then you will get English sbtitles of our episodes And if you want subtitles in your own regional language , then click on the tab of settings near CC tab choose the fourth option and choose your langugae so, with this you will subtitles in you own language Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us.

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