Hearing Clinics For Tinnitus – Health Yourself Guide

So if you have gone to GP and maybe haven't been
able to offer you anything, then I can say that there are some hearing clinics
that offer solutions. Obviously through Sound Options in Canada alone we have
probably over 300 clinics that work with us across Canada. You can always go on
there on our Sound Options website to to look them up they're listed there. And we'll put that in the show notes as well.

Yeah, so those clinics have
been trained to help tinnitus sufferers provide them with information and also
offer them our treatment. That's something that people can definitely do
you know they can always do their research and look at it and what kind of
options we offer and what we've done to to validate them. And you know I really
think that's a good place to start for people. To find the right kinds of
healthcare professionals and the ones that actually do offer something for for
tinnitus. Now if they have recently developed tinnitus and they haven't seen
their GP yet, I'd still say it can be a good idea to do so. It really depends, if you
have been exposed to really loud noise and you ended up with permanent tinnitus
after that then you know it's probably you might not necessarily get much from
the GP besides them sending you to to a hearing clinic. But if it kind of
developed and you don't really know the cause then that's still a good place to

They may end up sending you to an ENT. Can you go directly to to a hearing
clinic? Absolutely. OK. You do not need a referral you can you can call them and
make an appointment. Let them know that you have tinnitus and it's something you'd
like them to look at. Now of course you want to find out if they offer anything
for it.

And then that way they will know to take that into account. So yeah you
don't need a referral for for a hearing healthcare funding..

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