Hearing Aids in The Woodlands, TX | Audiologist, Hearing Tests & Tinnitus Treatment

welcome to clarity hearing a premier audiology clinic located in The Woodlands Texas we're here to help you navigate the world of hearing aids to ensure you find the right hearing aid for you you have options when it comes to hearing aid technology when you come in for a hearing evaluation your audiologist will thoroughly assess your hearing challenges and make a recommendation a few things to keep in mind hearing aids are available from many manufacturers we only work with the leading brands offering advanced technology like Starkey resound and Otakon hearing aid models come in different levels of technology with the top levels designed for those who frequent difficult listening environments like groups and places with a lot of background noise lower levels of technology are available for those seeking improvements and easier environments like one-on-one conversations and watching TV once you and your audiologist decide on the best level of technology for you you typically get to choose a wearing style hearing aids are available in the following styles behind the ear receiver and canal in the ear in the canal completely in the canal and invisible in the canal finally you have the choice of color you can go with the tone to match your skin color or perhaps a sleek silver tone some hearing aid models even offer more dramatic colors our staff is here to guide you along the path to better hearing give us a call today to schedule a hearing evaluation with our friendly audiologist you'll be glad you did

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