Gladys’ Tinnitus Treatment Experience

It sounds like thousands and thousands of
crickets chirping in my ears. I start out in the morning and I don't hear
it very much but as the day goes on, it gets worse. It gets worse and worse; it gets louder and
louder. For 25 years, I've been dealing with tinnitus
and I didn't realize that there was a solution. When I first started using this product I
was very skeptical because I was convinced that there wasn't anything that would work
and after having the product fine-tuned to meet my needs then I realized
that there's something that really can help dealing with tinnitus
on a daily basis.

When I wear this product it makes me feel
more present, more attentive. I think the biggest success story is with
my grandchildren. They have
high squeaky voices because they're 5 and 2. I was constantly saying, "Now, Nana can't
hear, so speak loudly." When I have the hearing product in I can hear
their voices and I don't have to have them repeat so it
makes me feel more a part of life..

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