Frau kann wegen Tinnitus ihres Ehemanns nicht schlafen [Postillon24]

The loud whistling from which a
man in Quedlinburg suffers keeps his wife awake. The same scene has been going
on in the Lehmann family's bedroom for three and a half weeks now
. While the 36 year old business economist Henning Lehmann is
sleeping peacefully, his wife Simone cannot think of a quiet night at all
. This is absolute horror when we go to
bed, everything is quiet, want to sleep. Then he keeps me up
all night with his tinnitus! He lies there, blissfully, asleep.
I could go nuts! By the way, Henning Lehmann himself doesn't feel bothered by the tinnitus
at all.

He was
only made aware of this by his wife after attending a concert together.
Honestly, I don't actually hear it and if my wife didn't
complain all the time, since we were at that shitty concert,
I wouldn't even know that I have tinnitus. So now, can I go back to sleep, please? Numerous doctors have not yet been able to find a cause for
the whistling noise. Simone Lehmann is still playing with the
idea of getting a divorce. However, due to the
unbelievable volume of the whistle , a separation would probably not help her much.
Even when she sleeps in another room or visits her mother in
Potsdam, Simone Lehmann hears her husband's tinnitus just as loudly as if he were lying
right next to her.

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