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all right guys so today we're going 
to talk about um what was that uh   god what was that oh yeah short-term memory loss 
now this can relate to the beginnings of dementia   all the way over to alzheimer's so the symptom 
of memory loss has everything to do with the   hippocampus and the greek term for hippocampus 
means seahorse because that's the shape   and you have two of them one on the left side 
one on the right side so that way if one goes   you have a backup so related to short-term 
memory loss i have some good news and some   bad news the bad news is that as you age the 
hippocampus actually starts to shrink okay so   age is definitely one thing you're up against so 
you just have to stay as young as possible number   two if you decrease oxygen you can destroy the 
hippocampus number three stress will definitely   affect the hippocampus it'll actually make it 
atrophy and shrink the more stress you go through   the more you can have atrophy or shrinkage 
of your hippocampus i mean it's pretty easy   nowadays to avoid stress right all right number 
four high glucose diabetics are at risk for having   damage to their hippocampus so high carb diets 
are not very good for the hippocampus at all   number five a vitamin b1 deficiency so vitamin b1 
is i would say the second most important nutrient   for the hippocampus i put some links down 
below for more information about b1 because   you want to make sure you're getting enough b1 
from the diet to make sure that you can preserve   the hippocampus now number six a vitamin d 
deficiency out of all the areas of your brain   a vitamin d deficiency will affect the 
hippocampus the most so it's a very good   thing that vitamin d deficiency is very rare 
nowadays or else we'd be in big trouble now that   was a sarcasm because a vitamin d deficiency is 
extremely common among most of the population on   planet earth and number seven if you have a zinc 
deficiency that can majorly affect the ability   of your hippocampus to function resulting in 
short-term memory loss okay so that's the bad news   what is the good news now the good news is the 
hippocampus is one of the only areas of the brain   that can completely regenerate thank goodness for 
that so if we just go ahead and look at the list   we have to stay as young as possible number one 
we want to increase oxygen to our hippocampus   exercise is one of the best ways to do it another 
way would be to use the hyperbaric oxygen therapy   but overall you want to keep your oxygen at a very 
high level now the next thing would be fasting   fasting including intermittent fasting is a very 
powerful therapy to increase something called   bdnf brain derived neurotrophic factor and so 
by doing fasting you increase that compound   which directly increases neurogenesis which is the 
creation of new nerve tissue all right next one   is to start taking vitamin d as i said before 
vitamin d is the most important nutrient for   your hippocampus and also start consuming food 
high in zinc that would be all the shellfish   also beef liver has a good amount of zinc 
in it and taking more b1 is very very vital   i would recommend taking nutritional yeast on a 
regular basis and the last thing i want to mention   is to decrease your stress as much as possible do 
whatever you can to do that and of course applying   these other things is also going to reduce stress 
especially if you do regular consistent exercise   the type of exercise that will increase more 
oxygen long walks would be a really good thing   now the next thing is increasing your ketones 
ketones are the preferred fuel of the brain   especially the hippocampus in fact you're not 
going to be able to regenerate the hippocampus   without feeding it ketones and there's several 
ways of increasing ketones number one getting   in a low-carb diet of course you probably 
already know that if you're new to my channel   i put some links down below of exactly what diet 
you need to be on number two consuming mct oil   very very important medium chain triglyceride 
fats will turn into ketones and your brain will   actually absorb them in preference to glucose 
and you'll see huge benefits you can also   take exogenous ketones they're called ketone 
salts and that will also increase your ketones   they're a bit expensive so it might be cheaper 
to take the mct oil but more important than mct   oil in exogenous ketones is getting on a ketogenic 
diet keeping your carbs low and that's going to be   very very important in restoring the hippocampus 
all right guys there you have it those are the   key things to help you with short-term memory 
before you go if you have a question about a   product or you're new to keto and you want to 
know how to begin keto or you're on keto and   you need a debug because it's not going as smooth 
i have a keto consultant standing by to help you   this is just for the people in the us hopefully in 
the future we'll be able to answer everyone's call   but i put the number down below 
so you can call and get some help

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