Fix Elbow Pain, One Simple Self Treatment (90 Seconds). Tennis & Golfers Elbow.

♪ Bob and Brad, the two most
famous physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ – Hi, folks, I'm Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – Yeah, we're the most
famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob. – The most humble guys in the world, too. – That's exactly right. – Today, were gonna talking
about how to fix elbow pain. We got one simple self-treatment,
only takes 90 seconds – That's right Bob.
– We'll just have 90 seconds. And it's for both tennis
and golfer's elbow. So it doesn't matter which one you have we're gonna cover them all. – The concept is the same just a little bit different mechanics. And go on Bob. – By the way, if you're new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us.

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the handheld massager, Brad. – Okay.
– You can actually use that on tennis elbow too. – Yeah, we can work
with that a little bit. We'll maybe show a
little bit of that later. Be careful with that Bob. Ah yeah, we will, put down. All right, you can also
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We're actually getting on Zynn too. – Zynn. Zynn and the Art of
Motorcycle Maintenance. – Z-Y-N-N. All right, Brad. Take it away.
– Okay, so golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, lateral epicondylitis medial epicondylitis, medically speaking but it's elbow pain. If you fall and you land on concrete that elbow pain is completely different that you need to call back for. What we're talking about
is these elbow pains that come from repetitive motion or you aggressively go do a
task, like the other weekend I ran the chainsaw for a couple of hours. I hardly ever do that. Oh, yeah.
– Right, you felt it. – I got some elbow pain
as a result of that. – Well Golf, if you
actually hit the ground really hard by mistake.
– You'd never do that. – Yeah, it happens a lot. You're really doing a
jarring motion to that elbow.

– So what you're doing is
you're tearing some tendons right by the bone, and the elbow, the tennis
elbow is on the outside here near this bone. And there's typically a really tender spot right where they connect. And golfer's elbow is
this the opposite side and there's a tender spot right there. – And one thing we should explain is the muscles in the forearm,
actually attach to that bone on this side and the
extensor WAD they call it, they attach on this side. So you've got muscles
all the way along here that are attaching to that bone. Muscles all the way along
here attaching to this bone. – So before you do this technique I know people are gonna say 90 seconds. Why did it take 10 minutes? Because we have to explain
how to do it properly. – Why, you have to understand it. – It's not gonna work
unless you do it properly. But so, if I've got tennis elbow I check here and I'm gonna go up in here. I'm gonna to palpate or
feel in these muscles.

You're probably gonna to
find a real tight, knotty, painful muscle group in there. So just assess it, see how
tender it is and how tight it is. Same thing, Bob's gonna
do the golfer's elbow. – So, I'm checking on the underside. I guess, you'd be of the
forearm or the inside, however you wanna coin it? But I'm looking for tender
spots along in here. – And you could actually massage that area but this is much easier and
faster than the massage. Now we're gonna get a, what
they call positional release, or it was called strain,
counter-strain number of years ago. Works very well. Now, if you've got tennis elbow this is the mechanics you're going to do. You're gonna, and I do
mine, in my recliner and I have a pillow. – You can do it lying down in bed. – Yep, you can do that as well. With the tennis elbow, you're gonna bring your
hand back like this. – [Bob] So the elbow's bent. – Yep, the elbow is bent.

Bring this back like this. And then I'm gonna rotate, and my thumb is pointing towards my face. I'm gonna rotate it away but you're gonna go back and forth until you find the most
comfortable position possible. So you may do a little bit of, this is a general position you're in, but you may do some fine-tuning and you'll find it where it
feels the most comfortable in that painful spot. And then you're gonna hold it
right there for 90 seconds. And you're gonna do this
when it's nice and quiet and you relax. It's not when the kids are running around jumping on your lap and that kind of thing for family people.

– [Bob] And make sure it's 90 seconds. – Yeah, you got to look at a clock and they say a minimum of 90 seconds. You can go up to 120 seconds. So, I'm gonna do that. – [Bob] That would be two minutes. (Brad laughs) – There you go. We got our math done. And then it's important when you're done let it come off slowly and relax. You're not gonna aggressively stretch it. You're not gonna go work on something. If you're gonna do the golfer's elbow you're not gonna go golfing afterwards. – Yeah, it's actually opposite
for the golfer's elbow. So he went this way for tennis elbow. I'm actually gonna go this way. So I got the wrist bent, elbow bent and now I'm gonna turn it
also, fingers are going out. – [Brad] Yeah, but again, you're gonna rotate it back and forth and find the most comfortable position. – Now, I can't relate to this right now, because I don't have any tennis
elbow or a golfer's elbow but I had some hip pain, Brad did this, when we did this with my hip.

And you could tell when
it hit the right spot, it was comfortable. It was like, "No, that hurts. That hurts. No, that feels good." So you really feel what
spot feels the best. And then once I find it, I can
actually go down like this. – Yeah, wherever you have
that comfortable feeling maybe it varies in how
your pillow is situated, and your injury is, but then you're gonna hold it like that. 90 seconds, relaxed, just chill out for 90 seconds. And then when you're done,
you open it up slowly. – Slowly. – Yeah, if you wanna do some massage, gentle massage on the muscles
afterwards, you can do that. But don't do anything aggressive. Don't go out, and like
I said, golf again or- – And that's where the
massager comes in handy.

These handheld massagers are really good for smaller muscles like this. Now also, if you're a
slightly built person- – Thin, you don't have a lot of muscle. – You probably wanna even use
this instead of a massage gun. They're very inexpensive, but that's what I like about them, Brad. And yet they come with
five different heads, you can put on there, and you can work that muscle quite easily. – Now be careful, you
definitely don't wanna go up by that bone where it's tender, 'cause this is gonna irritate
the living age out of it. – You won't be happy with us. – You'll wanna keep it in the muscle belly where it feels good and you're getting that out a little bit. – Yeah, I'll do that.
– Take care of your tennis elbow.

All right, so, very good. Now the other thing is, as you do that do it three times a day. I know.
– Oh, sure. – I didn't even have to
do it that often on mine. I didn't have a severe case either time, but it worked so well, I forgot about it and I forgot to do the next treatment. (Bob laughs) I'm serious, it was a good deal.

– It helped my hip too. I was surprised. And I kind of, same thing, kind of forgot about it. – You didn't do it three times a day, 'cause you forgot about it.
– No, I did it once. And I didn't feel it much anymore when I was doing my full rolling. So, that's weird. – Yeah, I'm amazed. I wish I had learned this much
earlier in my therapy career 'cause I would have used
it on a lot more patients. So, it's all the way in life,
and it falls into place. – Remember Brad, I can
fix just about anything- – Except for- – A broken heart.

– That's exactly right. But we'll work on that too. And maybe this baby will have something. – Maybe there's
(Brad growls) a positional relief. – Yeah, this is gonna work Bob. I can tell.
– Ah, yeah. (Brad growls)
All right..

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