Experimenting with CBD for Tinnitus and Meniere’s Disease

hey everyone so today I want to talk to
you guys about a supplement that's really been helping me a lot lately
called cannabidiol or CBD now if you follow any of the tinnitus or Meniere's
disease Facebook groups you've probably seen people talking about CBD making all
kinds of anecdotal claims so I decided to try it for myself I've been taking CBD
oil that's kind right here for the last couple weeks and I have to say that I am
beyond impressed but before I get into it let's start
with some of the basics first things first CBD is one of at least 113
different cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant now on its own it's non
psychoactive which means you will not get high from consuming CBD yet it's
believed to be responsible for many of the medicinal effects of cannabis and
while CBD is a component of marijuana and hemp it can also be extracted and
taken on its own as a supplement because of this as long
as a CBD product contains 0.3 percent THC or less it's considered to be a hemp
product and is legal in the US and many other countries as well also as a quick
aside it's worth noting that hemp seed oil is a different thing altogether and
contains little-to-no CBD so hemp seed oil is not what we're talking about here
today now there are many different forms of CBD products available on the market
from isolated CBD powders to vape ready concentrates and oils as well as
full-spectrum hip plant tincture oils which is what I've been using and there
are also multiple ways to ingest CBD it can be consumed orally it can be vaped
or smoked and absorb through the lungs or it can be taken sublingually and
absorbed through the capillaries under the tongue for the sake of today's posts
however I will be focusing on my experiences with Charlotte's Web full
spectrum hemp oil of which CBD is the primary component and I have to say that
my experiences have been incredible though CBD doesn't seem to have any
direct effect on either my tinnitus or my Meniere's disease
symptoms but indirectly it's a godsend because it reduces my anxiety and my
stress more than anything else I've ever tried by far and when my stress and
anxiety levels go down like that my tinnitus is is so much quieter and my
Meniere's symptoms improve now when I first tried the CBD I was having a lot of
anxiety I've been dealing with an ongoing neck injury and after getting a
massage I noticed that they were selling the Charlotte's Web brand of CBD oil as
a spa where I just gotten the massage and I had heard of this brand before and
I was also curious so I decided to give it a shot and within 15 to 20 minutes of
taking it my anxiety was gone and not just not just diminished but gone
entirely now it's hard to describe what it feels like when you take CBD because
honestly I've never really felt anything quite like it before
the first thing I noticed was sort of a subtle but wonderful feeling in my body
my muscles were relaxed I felt really good physically and then almost
immediately the physical symptoms of my anxiety went away that uncomfortable
tension in my chest and my stomach it disappeared and mentally I was calm and
focused and I guess you could say most importantly I was not impaired though I
realize now that the the recommended dosage that I took initially was much
more than what I actually needed at these higher doses I noticed a slight maybe somewhat uncomfortable pressure on my head and it was also a
little bit sedating as well I ultimately found that I needed much less to control
my anxiety with as little as 25% of my initial dose being just as effective for
the anxiety and stress but without any side effects
finding the right dosage seems to involve a lot of trial and error for
most people from what I can tell but the CBD has also helped my sleep which again
I think it's more of a product of the stress and anxiety relief than anything
else because it's much easier to fall asleep when your body is very calm and
your mind isn't racing with all kinds of thoughts and anxieties now I should
point out that everyone seems to have a different
experience with CBD many people do experience the benefits immediately like
I did while for others it's more of a cumulative effect requiring daily
consumption and some don't seem to notice any effects at all but my
personal experience has been transformative because I've struggled
with anxiety for most of my life and suddenly finding a tool like CBD that
provides such a remarkable level of relief is wonderful beyond words the
only real drawback is the cost now I have a feeling that it's going to become
more accessible as time goes on but for now it's not cheap you can
expect to pay anywhere between 20 cents and over three dollars per dose
depending on the concentration how much you need to take and how much you
purchase it at once a lot of companies offer pretty substantial discounts when
you purchase in bulk but at the end of the day it's worth it for me at least
for now to use on an as-needed basis and it just
might be worth it for you too so that's all for me for today I hope you guys
found this helpful if you'd like to try CBD or if you want
to learn more I've included a link for more information as well as a list of
reputable vendors in the video description below thanks everybody

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