[english] Windows Tinnitus Sound Therapy Review

okay guys i wanted to push out and upload 
this video as quick as possible this is why   i'm sitting in my car and i picked up my son from 
swimming classes so uh what i wanted to say this   video is about windows app tinnitus sound 
therapy a a client of us who's working with   Lenire downloaded this app and told 
me that he's quite content with it and it's   working for him so i tried it and downloaded 
it and i'm going to show you how this works   and you just google it like windows apps okay when pardon just come on so 
it uh you pick the first result and then you can type in you enter i don't 
know why this doesn't work now so tinnitus and then the result is tinnitus sound 
therapy so i downloaded it on my computer   and tried it out for two minutes and the 
result was i'm going to go back to the camera let me just see yeah there we are and i 
downloaded it and i tried it for two minutes   and my own tinnitus who's not bothering 
me at all for years spiked like crazy so my son is waving i don't want you to be in the in the picture 
actually so um i would be very cautious   um if you want to try it uh turn the volume 
down and start with a very low volume because   these they are very high pitched 
tones and i was reacting very   sensitive to it so i responded quite the other way 
around like our client did and yes so if you   want to try it be cautious so i'm i myself i'm 
sensitive to louder noise and if you are   too maybe you should not try it or if you want 
to try it be very careful with the volume so   this is my first video from the car and i wanted 
to push it because it's a weekend and i didn't   want to wait until monday so um see we 
see us in the next video bye bye yours Max Bauer

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