Elevoplasty Snore Treatment

Lifting augmentation is a procedure that treats snoring in the palate. Palatal snoring includes an abnormal flutter In the soft tissues of the palate at the top and back of the mouth. When this tissue is abnormally stretched and relaxed, It builds up on the back wall of your mouth, partially blocking the airway, leading to: Audible snoring and reduced sleep quality for you and your sleep partner. Catheter lift is performed in a doctor's office. During the procedure, three small absorbable sutures are placed in the soft palate. The stitches are gently pulled out This raises and strengthens the soft palate, which improves airflow and reduces snoring. Over time, the stitches are completely absorbed within six months after the operation.

Among the patients who have undergone phalloplasty, note Three out of four decrease in snoring after 30 days of operation..

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