Effects Of Tinnitus – Health Yourself Guide

Tinnitus can vary quite a bit from
person to person not just in kind of what the sound is and whether it's your
tone or hiss it can also vary in terms of how loud it is and how much it
bothers a person. So for some people it's kind of like a background noise you know
it may have been there for a while for others it's a it is a nuisance.
So I mean sometimes they really need to distract themselves to try to get it in
the background but when they're going to bed and things like that it can be
disruptive or when they're trying to relax to read a book times like that.

then there are people where it's it's a lot more severe. It's very difficult for
them to find ways to get it out of their I guess kind of their head or into the
background and it can be very severe. I mean there have been some pretty kind of
tragic circumstances for certain people with severe tinnitus. You know as a
serious suicide but in other cases there are things like anxiety and depression
as well that can develop. When someone has something that is so
bothersome to them but other people around may not even know that they have
it or may not appreciate it it not only affects them every day but they also
might feel a little bit isolated because of that and it kind of wears wears away
at them over time.

And it's definitely a big problem for those people..

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