Eardrum Hole Surgery – Transcanal Tympanoplasty

Surgery may be performed to repair a large hole in the eardrum through the ear canal. First, the skin of the ear canal along with the perforated eardrum is raised from the bone. The graft is placed in such a way that it is placed under the eardrum after the skin Put down in the normal position. The cartilage is often placed in order to provide support for the graft. The dissolving gelfoam sponge is applied to help keep everything together as it heals. Please note that in fact, the skin flap is elevated off the back of the ear canal It is not from below as shown in the animation. After cleaning the ear canal and eardrum, the skin is incised in the ear canal using a round knife. The skin of the ear canal is carefully lifted from the bone toward the eardrum. Here the level of the eardrum is continuously raised with the ear canal removed from the bone. At this point, the middle ear cavity is inserted. The graft material for repair of the eardrum is obtained from the trail cartilage. distance Skin agitation, a small piece of cartilage is harvested along with the perichondrium above.

The perichondrium removed from the cartilage is the grafting material used for reconstruction The eardrum and cartilage to help provide support. After the graft material is harvested, dissolved gelfoam sponge is used to fill the medium Ear cavity. The graft will anchor this sponge that is placed to support remodeling. Here the graft is placed first on top of the gelfoam sponge followed by The eardrum and the auditory canal. Once it has been assessed that an adequate gel-foam sponge has developed, a small piece The cartilage is positioned between the graft and the gelfoam to provide more support now and After the sponge melts More gelfoam sponges are placed for support.

The eardrum, graft and ear canal are then put down each time in a normal position. More gelfoam is placed in the ear canal to help keep everything together The normal position is healed as the eardrum is reattached..

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