Ear pain, tinnitus, jaw pain resolved through Physiologic Neuromuscular Dentistry

hi Stan I know it feels uncomfortable for you to be sitting here talking head video camera tell me a little bit about yourself what do you do for a living and my name's family Anderson you have a backhoe company you and Lynn or the company and you sent work with you – yes well good tell us about what brought you to our office I was this was back and this is May of 2013 is this about a year ago this dr.

Kimble's and we're about to us it would you point out was right here on the right side right at the joy and he said well it's probably from clinching was what was he was thinking and so then I went to Tina's family dentist regular visit dude who's your doctor okay all right and I mentioned it to him I said that's hard go all the way and he said well it's probably just from quenching and I don't know anything be concerned with it until then after a couple months or so then my ears started ringing and hurt so he said ringing this dr. burrows but he said ringing and hurting real bad give me an example you just sound like what well I have to take the urethane take it okay with the ringing get better with ibuprofen then yeah it was just a sharp okay fan of the year okay the same side right side same side and right side so I went to see my doctor specialist time and he looked and looked in my ear and and then he said we'll try to take some a leave-in regiment I believe to first six weeks or something two weeks two weeks so then I went back to him well I called there's no difference okay so when you first came to us be three months ago and what were your I think you and Lynn both Kane yeah so tell me about what you thought when you came and what made sense are did that make any sense you sat down with this you know they're doing some observation you kind of showed us what are lined up yeah well you mentioned like you just said mentioned that you used to run out of gas you can't pick up things and you have a heavy hard hard work you don't have an easy a desk job any means that's what we measured your muscles and all that and we did talk some more but then we talked about the different options right either leave it be or do something for 90 days we have read it almost 90 days so tell me about what her space was measuring everything and see and then we went over the options you know just stop here live with the pain or go with the treatment for 90 days so that's how do you feel okay you put 80% on your yeah okay and we also check your neck and check your pushing various areas if they used to be sore they not sore anymore anything else you could tell people that are possibly having all this ear pain and kind of symptoms but once we got the job right first then I also worked with the physical therapist to get that straightened out yeah all right so was it surprising to you that putting the jaw in the right place would help that much of a difference and you mentioned about how you can pick up heavier stuff like big rocks and stuff you're more balanced all right sir well thank you so much Stan what's a pleasure to meet you to take care of you okay

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