Dr. Hodge’s 7 point treatment plan for tinnitus

7 Point Treatment Plan for Tinnitus! My name is Dr JC Hodge and i'm an ENT specialist from South Australia and founding member of Tinnitus Treatment App. This is my seven point plan to help treat your Tinnitus. Number one you need to get a hearing test. Number two you need a mental health assessment. Number three you need to check your diet make sure you're not deficient in zinc vitamin b12 or   magnesium. Number four check your medications make sure none of them are aggravating or causing your tinnitus. Number five make sure you're sleeping 
properly at night time. Number six you need to make sure there's no excessive noise exposure in work, 
hobbies or in your environment and Number seven get treatment.

My Tinnitus Treatment App this can be found on 
my website Tinnitustreatment.com.au or either download the App from the Apple or Android store. Each week i'll give you more information about each of these seven points..

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