Desyncra for Tinnitus – Programming Video

the distinct restof xx and guides both the medical professional and patient through a simple programming process throughout the programming process the patient device and the medical professionals computer are wirelessly connected via bluetooth an important part of programming is to identify the exact pitch of the patient's tinnitus the distinct remote ISTEP pitch matching software ensures this is a precise and simple process the distinct restof 12 ohms to walk users through a straightforward 3-step programming procedure step one ensures that the patient can distinguish between different loudness levels and different pure tone pitches step 2 identifies the pitch of the tinnitus tone this starts with bracketing to identify a broad range for the tinnitus pitch and then continues to similarity testing and guided pair matching to narrow the range then the patient fine Tunes the pitch to ensure a precise match once the pitch has been determined the distinct resolved wear creates a tailored tonal sequence for the therapy step3 balance is the volume of the tonal sequence to ensure the patient perceives all the therapeutic tones at the same level the device is now programmed and is ready for the patient to start therapy the earphones are specially designed for the distinct or therapy yet their open fit structure allows patients to hear everyday sounds around them the earphones are available in different sizes for a snug and comfortable fit patients wear the distinct or device between four and six hours per day for 36 weeks follow-up visits allow the audiologist to monitor progress and to adjust the device to continuously provide optimal and comfortable therapy if you would like to learn more visit desync rakamma

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