Depersonalization Symptoms: 10 Most Common (+ How To Deal With Them!)

The depersonalization may seem very strange And the symptoms that appear with him may appear Terrifying and very confusing. But the truth is, there are very simple reasons Behind all these symptoms, in fact, It's never as terrifying as you can imagine. Hey guys, it's me Author of "The Dissipation of Personality Handbook" I suffered from chronic depersonalization for two years Before I fully recover. And more than 10 years later, My book: "A Guide to Disappearance of Personality" He helped thousands of people around the world To recover from depersonalization disorder. Today, I'm going to list the top 10 symptoms To dissipate personality, what causes it, Why don't you be afraid of it. let's start. Personality dissipated 'Evidence dissipating personality' Number 10: To feel disconnected from reality. One of the most common symptoms of depersonalization Feeling detached from reality. As if there was a partition, or a sheet of glass It separates you from the world. You may feel that you are living in a dream, Or that the people and things around you are not real. This could be a strange and frightening experience. But these feelings are part of your brain's normal response To stress and trauma.

You see, when you go through a traumatic experience, Like car crashes, physical violence, etc. … It activates the fight-or-flight response in your body. This causes a number of different physical reactions. Muscle contraction, heart palpitations, tremors, etc. … But stress causes mental symptoms, too Such as rushing thoughts, inability to concentrate. Another mental symptom Feeling depersonalized. Designed to drive you away And it protects you from the shock occurring around you.

Liken it to an airbag for your mind. Very normal, very common. In fact, the National Alliance on Mental Illness is estimated That up to 75 percent of people will suffer From a seizure that squanders at least one character in their lives. For most people, it only lasts for a while Trauma or stress. Once you get out of danger, Fade out naturally, This is what is supposed to happen. But sometimes, when character dissipation occurs, for less obvious reasons Panic attacks or a bad experience with the drug, It might seem like a separate problem. You feel crazy Which causes more stress, Causing more personality to dissipate, And it turns into a vicious circle Because stress is the cause of it in the first place.

But no matter how long it lasts, Or its cause, A feeling of dissipating character And cut off from reality, They are just two symptoms of stress. It can turn off once you stop worrying Which caused them in the first place. Number 9: You feel like you are not real. Depersonalization sufferers complain that they do not feel real As if they were a robot, they watched their lives. As if their movements and actions are not theirs. And you may feel that your hands, feet, Even your voice does not belong to you. As if you are watching someone else use it. And as I said, personality dissipates your brain's natural response Over stress and trauma. It can feel disconnected from the world, And separate from yourself, too.

You may feel dizzy or dizzy As if you were watching yourself in a video game. Again, this is only part of your brain's natural defense mechanism It often fades away Once you get out of the danger zone. But what if the feeling persists After the circumstance that caused it, and became a part of your daily life? Well, there is no danger around. Nothing threatens you anymore? But you look at your hands, you hear your voice, Didn't you feel alienated from yourself, you wonder. You start to think: Well, maybe I'm not real. Maybe my hands aren't mine. Or: I feel like a robot, etc. Then the tension reaches these thoughts To a terrifying conclusion: You must be dreaming, Or maybe he's dead, or you're still high and can't wake up.

But this is far from the truth. These feelings are a defense mechanism. Your brain does exactly what it's supposed to do. But he does it at the wrong time. I know how strange it feels, But nothing to worry about, Nothing will result in your actions in the natural world. Can character dissipation make you? Do something you don't want to do? of course not. Your movements and thoughts You're still 100 percent with your decision, and these feelings It will fade, and stop when you recover. Number 8: Fear of insanity. He who suffers from depersonalization fears he will go mad, Or worried that symptoms might flare, To the point of driving them crazy, Or he has a nervous breakdown, or it may cause schizophrenia. When I first hit the character, I was terrified that I had caused myself mental damage Somehow I ruined my brain, That I will go crazy. But of course I was wrong. Again, depersonalization is a mechanism A defense mechanism in your brain, it won't make you crazy.

When depersonalization occurs, this is known as reality testing He remains intact, meaning that the symptoms of stress worsen and the character dissipates You will always know the difference between your thoughts and reality That will never change. Even in the most intense and depraved situations. Don't forget, how you feel It is the defense mechanism of your brain. The simple fact is that the defensive mechanism It's here to keep you safe. The worry that your character dissipates will drive you crazy It's more like worrying about a fire alarm burning your home. Not only should this not happen, In fact, it is there to protect you. So don't worry. Your brain is behaving in a normal way Why do you consider a danger. The dissipation of character will not turn out worse, Of course, it will not go crazy. Figure 7: Visual symptoms. Visual symptoms are very common with depersonalization. You may feel tunnel vision, static, Floating black dots, visual snow, distorted blurry vision, A change in the dimension and size of things.

It might feel like you are looking at the world Across a spherical aquarium, Or that everything is flat, two-dimensional. When I first felt the character dissipated, I was convinced That there is a problem with my vision, So much so that I am really gone Several times to check the eyes. But of course, the day doctor found no problem. So, you were not sure there was a problem? Well, there is a very simple explanation. When your body feels anxious, It is natural to make your eyes more sensitive To feel the movements. How is this done? Widen the pupils, and let in more lights. When our ancient ancestors lived in forests and caves, Surrounded by danger, the simplest movement In their peripheral vision you may mean A fatal attack by a predator. The brain will react to this by staying In the case of necrosis, keep the pupils dilated and alert. When you are going through a situation based on stress and anxiety As personality dissipates, you'll feel it, too.

Your brain is alert for any risks. Where it tells the visual cortex to look and anticipate, It tells the pupils in turn to remain dilated. This might make you feel like there is a lot of visual information They all come in one moment, You must remain focused on your surroundings In order to trade. That's why you are in bright, colorful places Such stores are difficult On those who suffer from depersonalization. Your nervousness makes you very alert to your own vision. This hyperactivity in the visual cortex It is the reason that depersonalization patients usually report About optical snow, floating black points, etc. But it is hyper vigilance. You notice things They are normal parts of human vision. But don't pay any attention to it Were it not for the anxiety and the dissipation of personality. Again, these are temporary symptoms. You will get rid of it once it heals. As my ophthalmologist tells me: There is nothing wrong with your eyesight. No. 6: A distorted concept of time. You may feel that your concept of time has changed. For example: Time is running out very quickly.

Like you are in quick shots. As if there are gaps and distortion, Or you just jump from moment to moment. Recent events may appear to have occurred Long ago, and vice versa. This may feel terrifying, but of course, There is no true distortion of time. Everything is as it should be. All that differs is that tension Affects your focus. You focus on stress and dissipate character So that you feel that the passage of time is different. I'll give you an example. You know how while driving somewhere, You reach your destination, But you barely remember the trip? Well, it's because you focus on other things. You may be left on the road. You may have daydreaming. You're listening to an audio recording, or something. Does this mean that time has passed away? of course not.

As personality dies, your focus may get distracted And you are overwhelmed with racing thoughts. So of course, that would affect a lot On the speed or slow of time for you. Again, this is very common In all cases based on tension, But nothing to worry about. When I went through the dissipation of character, I used to have regular panic attacks, Because I couldn't stop myself from thinking about the nature of time. Could you get confused? It was terrifying, but it was absolutely useless. Of course, time does not change. Because I developed a state of stress. All that is affected is the duration of my attention And my focus.

When I recovered, everything was back to normal. This will happen to you too. Number 5: Amnesia. I hear this from people with depersonalization all the time. Things like: I keep forgetting what I'm doing. I forgot what I said while I was talking. Or take a long time to recall What I was doing yesterday. You may feel that you are losing your memory, Short term, long term, or development may worry Dementia or Alzheimer's. When I dissipated my character, I came across it personally, And it was really terrifying. I was trying to read a page in a book, When I reached the third stanza, I could barely recall What happened in the first clip? It scared me a lot.

If the dissipation of character affects my short-term memory, Could it affect my short-term memory as well? Have you had a frightening form of dementia? It was terrifying. So, as a person I have recovered 100% of character dissipated, And when I look back, Does depersonalization cause amnesia? Answer: No. I suffered from severe chronic depersonalization for two years, Trust me, I haven't lost any memory From that time on. I can remember everything that happened. If there are missing memories, Of course I will not Writing a book telling about it. Not only that, but if anyone mentioned an event From that time on, it has to be there Big gaps in my memory, It is not at all like this. So how is it possible To feel memory loss, But without actually happening? Again, it's very simple. Stress doesn't affect your memory. It affects your focus, that's it. It is known that tension affects temporarily Emphasizes your abilities to focus and stay alert.

It might make you feel like your mind is empty, And it's hard for you to notice For the tasks at your fingertips. That's why I forgot the first clip When I was reaching for the third section. But what it does not do is affect your memory. Dissipated character, tension, memory loss It's not connected, don't worry. Your memories are fine, and you will regain focus 100% upon recovery. Number 4: Numbness. You may feel as if your feelings are numb. You do not feel happy or sad, Or you are afraid that you do not feel anything. This is a common complaint of depersonalized patients. Again, its explanation is very simple. As I said earlier, the character dissipates like a makeshift airbag Between you and reality, to keep you safe. So you may feel separated or alienated. This is, coupled with some racing thoughts Difficulty concentrating, It can make your feelings worse. But there is no problem with your feelings.

Your ability to experience emotions has not been impaired. I'll prove it to you. Do you fear that your feelings and your feelings are numb? Well guess what? You feel anxious because your feelings are numb. If you don't do anything, you won't care And trying to recover. You will not see this video in the first place. It is very simple. All you feel are temporary effects of stress, and some of its symptoms. There is no problem with your feelings. There is no problem with your feelings. Once you recover, you will be back to normal immediately. Number 3: The Empty Mind. A feeling that your mind is completely empty. Your thoughts have faded away. Or you just can't form ideas. This is a very common symptom of depersonalization patients. Again, never to worry, here's why. The presence of an empty mind is often described It is the feeling that you have lost your inner dialogue.

But here's one thing. When does internal dialogue take place? When you don't think about it. If you check frequently to see If you have a self-dialogue, You interrupt your self-dialogue over and over. Sometimes this can be scary, but there is no need to worry. It will fade away and stop as you recover. It's natural for stress to make you reach The conclusions are terrifying about this case.

But this cannot affect your memory. Or it stops your feelings, It cannot completely clear your mind. You don't have any cognitive impairment. And your brain is working fine. And if you think, But I can't summon my thoughts. Well guess what's up? You've gathered an idea now. No. 2: Existential thoughts. Of great concern To dissipate personality are existential thoughts That you generate with it. I hear about these terrifying thoughts overlapping Of those with demoralisation. Am i dead Am I on purgatory? Am I crazy? I feel like I'm not real. Existential thoughts about things outside of yourself Very common ideas. For example: you look at other people and think … How do humans exist? You look at animals like dogs and cats And you think: How exactly were these creatures created? Can films and books with a philosophical dimension Such as to frighten and frighten you. And scientific topics, such as quantum mechanics Or the expansion of space, It can be terrifyingly frightening to you. When I lost my character, Existential ideas like this have always been a part In my daily life.

It was terrifying. But don't worry, because there is a very simple explanation. A demoralizing experience Although it is very natural, and cannot hurt you, But it is very strange. Feeling detached from reality, As if in a dream, etc. … It could be a strange, overwhelming feeling. Amid all this happening, Your logical mind tries hard To find an explanation for what is causing it. This strange feeling is bound to matter. Maybe you are dead, maybe you are in a coma. Dreaming and not being able to wake up It couldn't be because of a single panic attack. Or one bad experience with a drug, right? But it is. This is exactly what happened. It's very simple, but our brain He has a tendency to desire big stories, big interpretations.

So he rushes to big, terrifying conclusions. His name is assuming the worst. Collect racing thoughts, another symptom of stress, With this tendency to assume the worst, And work hard to understand Feelings dissipate character? Of course it will accelerate For different kinds of terrifying explanations. This can be very cruel In the period between depersonalization And know and understand the matter During your frenzied search for an explanation. But the good news is, these are just thoughts. It is temporary, it cannot hurt you. It will fade away once you recover. Number 1: Weird scares. It is common among people with demoralization To have strong strange fears about certain things. I always hear that from those who struggle with depersonalization. Fear of looking up at the sky. Fear of driving a car. Fear of mirrors. Fear of stores, supermarkets, etc. When I was suffering from a dissipation of character, I became very afraid to travel. From cars, airports, airplanes. I really thought I couldn't Never travel beyond. Often, the most intimidating thing about these thoughts is It is illogical. You know there is no reason to be afraid From going out, from looking into the mirror, etc.

But here's good news. For this exact reason, you don't have to worry. So what is the common denominator Among all these fears? Tension, that's it. Your brain is in either a fight or flight situation. As if an alarm had sounded, And he keeps telling you that you are in danger. Of course, there is no risk When in the bathroom or in the store, Or drive, or whatever. Here's another great news. You don't have to face these fears one by one. All you have to do is face your stress Tor that causes it. Once you do, all these strange scares Even the scariest of them, you thought You will not get rid of it, It will disappear like never before.

Yes, I completely overcome my fear of traveling, I have visited many places in the world since then. All of these depersonalization symptoms can be severe And hard to deal with, but remember, There is a simple explanation for all of them. Basically: it is the result of stress only It is part of the brain's defense mechanism To protect you from danger. Not permanent. It can't hurt you. And you can recover from it, you will recover. Did I miss anything? What are the symptoms of depersonalization that you are experiencing? Let me know in the comments section below. One last thing remains. If you want more information on depersonalization Recover, visit Where you will find everything you need to know, Including a comprehensive guide to recovery, Personality Look Guide. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you found the video useful, Please like, and share it. Thank you very much for following up. Personality dissipated " personal guide dashed"

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