Cool Hearing Test: Are You a Superhuman?

Are you superhuman or worse than average in what you might ask juggling no How well can you hear? We have the coolest hearing test for you So Testing testing one two three nine four six one seven six three eight seven one Did you get those last 10 digits that was an important phone number actually and this was the shortest coolest hearing test ever eh just kidding It was not however being able to hear all those numbers is something you owe to your ears an average human is capable of hearing frequencies from 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz The older we get the harder it becomes for us to hear high frequency sounds The worse it gets the fewer chances you have of hearing the bird sing the beeping of your microwave And even consonants like s H or F.

You don't want that to happen to you right? Do you have any reasons to worry about it? How can you test your ears well Brightside has a simple but 100%? Accurate test you can take and we're going to run it in a few moments when it's done We're going to share some fun facts on hearing we bet you didn't know are you ready for it? Then give this video a like and let's get started What should you do put on your headphones Make sure you're in a quiet place with no background noises if you are surrounded by people put lightly tell them to shush up Pardon me we are running a vital experiment here.

You know could you please put a lid on it? Just remember to say please and be persistent you are going to be exposed to sound frequencies a human ear can't perceive will travel across and beyond the human audio spectrum as Soon as your ears start actually perceiving the sound stop the video, and you will see your results Ready, let's go You didn't hear that one. Did you you did? Sorry here he goes for real start sorry this test is for people not dogs or bats No way you must be kidding me fantastic wow better than average normal you can go with it sorry could you speak in to my good ear hearing aids are so advanced these days thank you for serving this country in wwii get medical help it's urgent deaf as a post Well done now Let's see how many of us have average or better than average hearing hit thumbs up if you started perceiving the sound at 15,000 Hertz or earlier if Your results are not so good. Don't panic your age influences your ability to hear high frequencies Remember if it's really bad, try it again.

Maybe the sound was off on your computer If you're perfectly sure it's not the computer to blame you might want to see a doctor to figure out. What's up? Okay enough with the test now, let's take a look at ten fun facts about hearing we bet you didn't know Counting down from number 10 The three smallest bones in your body are the ones in your ears the malleus incus and stapes They work as a team to transmit sounds to your brain if one of the breaks.

You might experience conductive hearing loss Number nine Women are better listeners than men jaw what's new in fact? We are not talking about the female ability to perceive information and feel the pain of others Ladies tend to lose hearing abilities later than men Number eight The sound level at a concert is roughly the same as that of a plane during takeoff 120 decibels of sound You don't want to over expose your ears to that Earplugs can be a good idea at loud events Number seven If you think your ear stop hearing when you are sleeping you're wrong at this time It is the brain that decides to ignore the sounds around you so your ears never stop working 24/7 Number six We do snakes and fish have in common.

They lack ears snakes here Thanks to their jaw bone and ridges on their bodies help fish perceive sounds Number five Who do you think is the best listener in the world? Yes, it's my mom well actually the king of hearing the one and only moth Moths can hear better than anyone else in the world their hearing is 150 times better than ours Number four The bats come second after the moth their frequency level is about 212 kilohertz Hearing an echo location help them hunt like pros in complete darkness Number three Famous for their huge ears elephants are doing well when it comes to hearing things to Their hearing frequency is between 16 Hertz to 12 kilohertz Number 2 a great hunter and Harry Potter's best friend Sorry Ron the owl can perceive sounds between 200 Hertz and 12 kilohertz not bad And number 1 Finally the animals we all love and keep close to us cats and dogs their hearing abilities are pretty amazing with a frequency range of 45 Hertz to 64 kilohertz Dogs can even tell their owner from other people when they hear footsteps So don't be surprised you can hear your fluffy friend bark enthusiastically long before you open the front door Just don't be surprised if it turns out to be your cat We'll talk about barking cats in a future video we hope you like this easy test in its results share them in the comments Give this video a like and subscribe to our channel more cool updates are on their way to you Life is better on the bright side This video is edited by *COPY BOY* subscribe to *COPY BOY*

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