Causes of Tinnitus – Dr. Sreenivasa Murthy T M

[Music] hello I am dr. cinema smoothie TM and ent consultant practicing at Malaysia I practice at Columbia referral hospital nationhood and shrinivas speciality in the center in Malaysia [Music] now this can occur for a simple cause like wax getting accumulated in the year and infection in the external skin and the ear drum an infection or fluid accumulation in the middle ear station – problem that means somebody has a core and the tube which connects the nose to the Year gets blog can produce noise it can also be produced by problems affecting the bones of the middle ear there are three bones of which if the one gets thick and tightened especially a condition called as otosclerosis there also the patient can have noise in the year also if the cochlear gets damaged because of let us say exposure to loud noise ototoxic drugs or there has been an inner ear infection even then these noises can be produced plus inner ear pathologies like let us say somebody has mean ears disease or the inner ear pressure changes can also cause tinnitus and to the extent that even a brain tumor can cause tinnitus now this is the reason why you tinnitus can be a really difficult subject to evaluate in the clinic and will require multiple tests to rule out you [Music]

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