Can My Tinnitus Go Away?

please turn your sound on to hear full explanations of our answers thank you question is can I tinnitus go away this is a common question obviously is debilitating a condition as tinnitus says people are looking for some kind of hope that they're not going to be lumbered with this it's particular these particular symptoms and the the intensity of symptoms for the rest of their life so can my tinnitus go away and the answer is yes it can tinnitus can go away not in all cases but in many cases it can and the reason for this is because there are a wide variety of things that you can do to help get rid of your tinnitus or to help reduce the intensity and in fact many people find C you should be able to score your tinnitus on a scale from from 0-3 to 10 now obviously you can only imagine what 10 out of 10 is like but still you can probably bit like a bit like if a doctor was to tell you about a pain and humans to ask you know how does this pain feel out of 10 then you could give an answer so you can give an answer for your current tinnitus intensity now if you imagine having one or two notches lower intensity or even three or four notches lower intensity then you can I'm sure you'll agree with me that would make a hell a heck of a difference to your quality of life many Tennessee suffers find that even if they were only able to get it down a few notches to a certain point that it's almost like they're able to ignore it so it can make a huge difference to your quality of life can you tennis go away in some cases it can if you if you you do need a little bit alot but also if you make the efforts to look at your lifestyle and there are things that you can do little tweaks that you can make the certain foods that you should certain supplements that you could try and things like that and bit by bit you can reduce the tinnitus intensity and it is possible for it to go away but even for those who can't do that nearly everybody can obtain some relief so yes it can and on that note I just want to leave you with this for best results if that's what you want to do reduce the tinnitus intensity and get it down as much as possible and fulfill your potential and we recommend the link below so if that's what you're trying to do if you want to get back your quality of life then we do recommend that please check it out and we'll see you soon in the next video take care

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