Can Hemifacial spasm be cured? Dr Jaydev Panchwagh, neurosurgeon, Pune

What is your name? Ravindra Rao I am from New Bombay what are your symptoms? i am having these right side eyes twitching. last around 4 to 5 months What is your name? Kasim Panwala I am from Madhya Pradesh how long have you been suffering? from 2 to 2.5 years which leads to complications like difficulty in talking sometimes a slur in the speech becomes more prominent when I talk to strangers. and in meetings which causes a lot of embarrassment for me as well as for the people around Do you have difficulty in reading also? Yes Mostly my job is on the computers At the time of seeing the computer screen it becomes very difficult for me. it causes a strain on my right eye. how did your hemifacial spasms begin? Initially it used to be on the full side even my lips used to be pulled to one side speech was a bit slurred at that time no w I have noticed that it is concentrated more on the eye.

the eye twitches and to some extent the area beneath my eye also twitches How did your spasms begin? It started from the left eye. Is it increasing now? what increases your spasms? Talking increases my spasms What is your profession? I work in a shop. Do you have any numbness on the right side? No No ..there is no numbness There is no pain No hearing loss. Hearing is quite normal. when you read a book or work on the computer…how do the spasms affect you? Yes, I have difficulty in reading also during driving Do you have any pain in the cheek? No never…no pain Any hearing problem? I can hear well. No problem. How did you find out about treatment of hemifacial spasm? That Dr Panchawagh performs operation… I saw a video on Youtube by the Doctorsaab This is Ravi Rao from Navimumbai (New Bombay) I had a history of hemifacial spasm since the last five months It was affecting my right eyelids and there were a lot of inconveniences and uncomfortableness due to which there were a lot of problems on the homefront and office.

I happened to read about Dr Jaydev Panchwagh on the internet and immediately consulted him for this ailment of mine for which he suggested MVD surgery. acting upon that, I have gone ahead with this surgery under the guidance of Dr. Jaydev Panchwagh and it proved out to be very successful with absolutely no ailments now existing ia m really grateful to Dr Panchwagh for getting rid of this uncomfortableness of mine and which in turn has helped to look forward to a life and lead a normal life Thanks to Dr Panchawagh and his wonderful team who have really assisted me all the way and now, I can really with a lot of pride that I am spasm-free. This surgery should reach out to a lot of people for here too (india) I feel it has been really not spread out to all the people who have been having this problem But I am sure this information needs to be spread that a cure is available and which needs to be taken benefit of, by all the people suffering.

Who are affected by this hemifacial spasm. i would like to share this video so that they can go confidently ahead with this MVD surgery and look forward to leading a normal and happy life. Thank you! My name is Kasim Panwala I am from Ratlam city in Madhya Pradesh state what did you suffer from? I had left sided hemifacial spasm how long did you have this problem? I had this from about two and a half years What problems did the hemifacial spasm cause you? My eye used to twitch and my face used to get pulled to one side.

I had difficulty in driving my vehicle I got my MVD surgery done and now I am absolutely fine. Now I have no spasms at all!! I feel very much better I feel more confident We have interviewed you for patient education Can we upload this on Youtube? Absolutely Thank You.

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