Benzodiazepines, Tinnitus & Neuroplasticity: Drugs For Tinnitus

[Music] i'm going to make some comments now on the use of anti-anxiety meds benzodiazepines specifically other antidepressants and other medications including herbal supplements and over-the-counter i recently studied with dr jastreboff powell jastreboff and his wife they're both neuroscientists and helped people one-on-one in counseling with tinnitus for many years and i learned a lot working with them one of the major realizations was that the benzodiazepine family of drugs it suppresses the neural plasticity the healthy brain changes that are needed to recover from tinnitus or to what's called habituate from tinnitus why is this important many people in our country many people in the united states are on benzodiazepines it's one of the most common drugs to help manage anxiety and depression now i'm an audiologist so i'm not a doctor who recommends medications however as an audiologist helping people with tinnitus i'm in a unique role that most doctors who are recommending this medication don't realize that bothersome tinnitus has a harder time all things equal getting better when someone is consistently using valium xanax klonopin or other drugs in the benzodiazepine family and those are not recommended because they stop neuroplasticity from happening as quickly as it otherwise would if everything else is taken care of now of course disclaimer here if you're taking valium xanax or klonopin or other benzodiazepines there's a good reason you're on it it's to keep you healthy so that's obviously an individual decision of what you want to do my recommendation is share this knowledge you know be calm about this here's what not to do don't freak out and say oh my god i've been on that drug for the last six months or the last year and everything's been a waste i'm so mad at myself how did i not know this i didn't even know this i'm an audiologist i can share with you with confidence most audiologists wouldn't know this but based on the training i had i'm here to share this news and i'm not completely comfortable sharing it because i'm not a doctor who prescribes the medication therefore i encourage you who's listening to if this applies to you to share that knowledge with your doctor have a discussion and recognize that if you stop taking them tomorrow cold turkey that's going to be intense and i don't recommend that talk to your doctor before you make any changes to the drugs you're taking and figure out a way to help this you can change the drug family from benzodiazepine to a similar antidepressant anti-anxiety drug that might have a similar effect for you so that's what i will say about that for now ask your physician to switch to another family drugs in terms of herbal supplements and over-the-counter drugs i don't have any comments on that there's none that are proven if it's working for you that's great keep doing it and people say that because it might be a placebo effect so when people say if it's working for you just keep doing it that means if those drugs are helping you if the over-the-counter or herbal supplement drugs are helping you then keep using them but if they're not then stop using them and someone made a good comment once instead of buying herbal supplements off the internet for tinnitus make a donation to the american tinnitus [Music] association

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