Behind the Tech: Tinnitus Control | Miracle-Ear

(light theatrical music) – [Narrator] Tinnitus
causes people to hear sounds with no external source. Miracle-Ear hearing aids offer three different built-in programs that can help you control your tinnitus. Your provider can help you determine which program is best for you. Static noise is designed
to distract from tinnitus. By mixing a static sound
with the tinnitus sound, this feature helps divert your attention from the ringing noise. The soothing sounds of
ocean waves mask tinnitus for a relaxing, stress-free
form of treatment. Notch therapy trains your brain to ignore the tinnitus sound. Unlike traditional sound therapy, this state-of-the-art
technology is inaudible and works to amplify incoming sound while leaving out the
frequency of tinnitus. This method reduces your
perception of tinnitus and may even make it disappear. (light hearty music).

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