Balance Method Acupuncture: Tinnitus

how much is it going this evening 0-4 to d0 City on moon for for one another thing is something new UT that sometimes the quality of the Song of the South could be more like ringing Laurel it's always the same part of older always happy to completely zero who make a move University come on we cut off his own and you feel like you hear in the back of the head the whole or side also very thick Cheyenne Cheyenne it happened we have synth – OH – you can be a sovereign saluted almost impossible to show in and the call back are more chou-heung close to the ear level close to the ear next lecture show ministry O'Donnell here ultra ok I go Blair Twitty so I mean there's equal billion worth of mysticism I have two options bring you some switch because we diagnose it as a shower young right Sufism – no speech no speech no Julian a civil option I could do shower in Sharia you're gonna damage missile soon to be physician Julian I could do trained Sharia which remember grief is injury in show him okay if he tell me for sure it's much worse when I'm tired I will go more for showering shower till recess philosophy love quenched Arkansas you don't really enjoy in Xiamen if you tell me is for sure it's it's worse when I'm under pressure then I will go no for Jing Chou him is oh she only says disappears agravada from tassel sounds of tense a little intuition but because I have no way to distinguish between those two according to what he is telling me that I need more information man you don't tell me we post field because we're looking this irritant Leone would intercept myself in my song at that time I can take post you know rocky compose prison village did you see me take calls anytime so during those three day and a half some of you this is my son on earth is no no why okay because I already have enough information from my patient I don't need to take pause usually need missile subs TM democracy until the verses are night with me I already know what to do it just uses it just by the marina location or the Meridian function I already know what to do so through visual gusandjess to be OPP passive house is one of the tool if you don't have enough information then you can add those long term Okanagan is my uniform military to massage but in this case I want to add one more piece of information maybe will help me decide between Xiao en Xiao mo dream showing mr.

Lucey's muscle making me sound move both are starving miss Gordon into showing show me a new train show me on my feeling is exposed more tight than deficient you nice is the sound this is something introducing bouzouki my skin's repeating so I will I was first goal for Jian Xiao en you don't nip remove some customized radium and his location of the sound is it's at this level you see some new song you'll search down the chimney if he has a head straight is about the level of the tip of the nose in terms of ethnicity relatively small dimension the limit even the intimidation okay so I will use that information to find my points try to look for us report on the meridians in don't is no she should be okay and as this one thank you so I go like yeah tip of the nose a little bit higher actually so I go on the iPad face on the TV channel I will Pat fake it don't a local business on the phone New Castle William star vision in the cement Athenian opportunities the internet program calles wanna tip of the nose I told you it's about halfway so I will type it a little bit higher is opportunity to preliminaries awakening oh my it was value you to 0 in terms of on quantum of semen – shut up yes yes yeah oh yes a little bit but less okay so I have three last point to make you rich boom sorry okay now I will try on the river you will not feel okay could you please go limit this inside the gate Lewis yeah

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