Ask the Expert: Acupuncture to Help with Ringing in the Ears

there's if there's a natural remedy to fight ringing in the ears local twelves Liz bonus asks the experts about it in today's medical edge Diane clucker often uses acupuncture or tiny needles about the size of human hairs to help men and women with a variety of conditions it decreases inflammation it improves blood circulation and it prompts tissues to repair themselves the needles are placed very specific points depending on the problem so we thought we'd find out more in response to something we recently got asked about it local our question comes from Janice who said she has a ringing or buzzing in the ears we often call that tinnitus and she wanted to know if there are some natural ways perhaps to treat it obviously you need to rule out a specific medical cause with your doctor but then we did stop out to talk to experts and ask them a little bit about some other possibilities that might help ease some of that clucker says some people are able to reduce symptoms of tinnitus with acupuncture depending on what's causing it it's particularly effective for ones that might be associated with hypertension because it's affect with blood circulation also pain conditions such as you know chronic neck pain or TMJ acupuncture can also reduce stress which often aggravates ear ringing clucker suggests you use acupuncture with other good habits such as regular exercise and a healthy diet she also says you may benefit from reducing what she calls rising foods because in Chinese medicine tinnitus is basically a false stimulation it's a pervasive energy that keeps stimulating the ear so you want to avoid spicy foods foods that are too greasy and anything kind of attends to that's in Montgomery Liz bonus local 12 news you can learn more about treating ear ringing with acupuncture by calling five one three nine eight five zero nine zero zero and you can also submit your health questions to local by clicking on ask the expert

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