Acute Tinnitus vs. Chronic Tinnitus

[Music] let's talk about new cases of tinnitus versus long-term cases of tinnitus do i have any thoughts on the difference between what a new patient can do versus one who has had tinnitus for a long period of time if you're a new patient someone who has had tinnitus for six months or less i recommend making sure you have a hearing test getting an evaluation by a medical doctor an md find an audiologist and based on those results act accordingly but let's imagine you have some hearing loss or your hearing is in the normal range and then what do you do find an audiologist that's trained in ten industry training therapy follow the attendance retraining therapy protocols keep living your life don't give tinnitus unnecessary attention in your life try to stay mentally occupied focus on more important things focus on your overall health and wellness and include supplemental therapies that can promote a good mental health a good physical health and you know what those would be for you that's my advice to a new patient try not to focus and fixate on this because that can create an increase in the perception of tinnitus which is not intuitive and many people don't realize that's happening but that is very common for someone who has had tinnitus for six months or more medically this would be termed as chronic tinnitus six months or more step one rule out that hearing loss is a contributing factor if applicable consider hearing aids with appropriate tinnitus sound therapy built into them that helps a lot of people and then it gets into a little more sophisticated approach of trying to substitute negative associations about tinnitus with more neutral associations with tinnitus this can be done alone this can be done by yourself this would be a good situation to consider asking for help whether that's with an audiologist with a therapist with a coach with someone in your family someone who under with a support group like many of you are doing so trying to substitute negative associations with more neutral associations so one that's out there if someone's having a bad day of tinnitus if it's very loud an automatic reaction is to say i can't stand living with this if this keeps getting louder i don't know what i'm gonna do i can't see my future with this kind of sound and i don't know how i'm going to continue on that may not be serving you so try to replace that with a more neutral story in your mind of okay wow my tinnitus is very loud today that's really something now let me try to bring my attention towards other areas of my life let me use sound so i'm not in a silent place let me use sound to help me because it's quite loud today and i know sound helps me when it's louder that's just one little example of how you could take that knowledge and use it as someone who's had tinnitus for a long period of time [Music] you

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