Acupuncturist finds relief from his own tinnitus during a Si Yuan Balance Method Training

my name is bilal i joined the the course here and i have my colleagues here today i have a um tiny test problem since i was maybe 13 14 i don't remember actually i thought this this noise is normal at the beginning but then i start to read about tinnitus then i knew that alternatives is not normal [Music] signal or something in my ears so i started to search but i didn't i couldn't find find anything then i enjoyed this course here uh so i got the treatment from my colleagues colleague they are here hi everybody colleagues oh colleagues here oh hi okay and then first first i have about um uh from zero to nine the problem both ears no you mean you have four before before you you hear eight you said you eat here eight in ten two eight it's eight okay if do not to ten it's eight sorry yes so now i have right right here is zero but left here now before we started the cam i guess it was five but now it's about three one side at least is a block and on the right side you hear no more tinnitus and on the left side you hear three three instead of eight congratulations okay everybody you deserve good club

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