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Whether you call it Roaccutane Accutane or Isotretinoin I'm going to give you some really useful tips that
everyone should know whilst taking it Isotretinoin is one of the very few
clinically proven oral treatments for acne and the results can be pretty
impressive but before you get too excited
please remember that isotretinoin can have some pretty serious side effects
which everyone should know this is why it's recommended that everyone reads the
fact sheet on this medicine before they begin taking it now I'll leave a link to
this in the description below for everyone to read this video however is
more about common side effects and what you can do to help reduce them so I
really hope my tips help you now let's begin common side effect number one
general dryness of the skin lips eyes and nose this is basically a consequence
of one of the ways that Isotretinoin works by reducing the natural oils that
we secrete so for the dry skin use a water-based moisturizer as often as
needed avoid using thick greasy moisturizers however as it will make
acne worse for the dry lips use a lip balm whenever it's needed now if you
suffer from dry eyes an artificial teardrop may be useful for this and you
can pick up from any pharmacy generally speaking I find hypromellose to be
quite useful for this but if you do wear contact lenses please let your
pharmacist know as it may not be suitable I also think it's important to remember
that while you're taking isotretinoin and for six months afterwards your skin
is going to be a lot more delicate to waxing epilation dermabrasion and laser
treatment so it's best if you avoid these unless you're told otherwise by your
healthcare professional generally speaking shaving is okay but
make sure that you moisturize afterwards common side effect number two general
dryness in the nose mouth throat and even nose bleeds so for the dry nose and nose
bleeds you can apply a very thin layer petroleum jelly on the outside of the
nose this isn't suitable for children however
and for the dry mouth and dry throat you can try chewing gum or sucking on boiled
sweets or ice common side effect number three sensitivity to the Sun please
avoid direct sunlight if you're taking Isotretinoin because you're far more
likely to burn so to avoid sunburn try to keep your skin covered from the Sun
and if it's needed wear a sunscreen and lip balm with a high
protection factor at least SPF 15 also I'm sure you won't be using sun beds but avoid these
at all times common side effect four headaches and
pain knee joints muscles and back now light exercise should be okay it shouldn't
really make this pain worse but if you're going to do more heavy exercise
it can sometimes make the pain worse so if the pain is getting more and you
can't bear with it either speak to your doctor or speak to your pharmacist to
recommend you some painkillers so I've tried to give you the common side
effects of isotretinoin that I see on a day-to-day basis and how to
prevent them but please remember this is not a detailed list of all the side
effects of Isotretinoin and if you do want to see that please check out the
links in the description below now I've left more information and really useful
links in the description below which I'd advise everyone to read and if you
have any of your own tips that work well for you
then share the knowledge with everyone else by leaving a comment below and
that's the end of this week's video I really hope my tips help you and if
you have any further questions about Isotretinoin feel free to leave a
comment below and I'll try to get back to you in our respond to your
comment series see you next week shaving is generally well torerated, torerated (LAUGHTER) Isotretinoin is one of the very few clinicry common side-effect number
one general dryness of the nose lips eyes and something else (LAUGHTER) hey guys thanks
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