Absolute Best TMJ Treatment You Can Do Yourself For Quick Relief (Updated)

Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapist on the Internet [Music] hi folks I'm Bob Shrum physical therapist at antique physical therapy we have the most famous physical therapist on in our opinion of course Bob hey Brad we're gonna talk about absolute best TMJ treatment you can do yourself for quick relief this is an updated video we did this one before we're gonna do a better job now and we're gonna have better sound and just overall it's gonna look great and you're gonna feel better actually right by the way if you're new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us we provide videos how to stay healthy fit pain-free and we upload everyday also you want to go to Bob and Brad comp because we're always giving something away go to the giveaway section we are giving away a Booya stick a couple bully stick yes there we go you can they're great for shoulder pain and posture and we got choose stretches yeah you can also find our Bob and Brad on Facebook and you can if you want a short version of us go to Twitter or Instagram 60 seconds of Bob and Brad a day very well put by all right because for you said that before somewhere along the way all right so TMJ temporal mandibular joint everyone has TMJ if you have a jaw and you can talk so actually that's not the problem TMJ is not the problem right it's it's a disorder TMJ technically but that's just something we don't need to dwell on that we can look at the skull and find out why you have the pain and just so you know symptoms that you have and you know if you have it some people have different symptoms sure from pain popping clicking headaches share all part of this specially headaches up in this area alright people that grind their teeth can you know this can be associated with that so this I'm amazed at our other video how many people over the last three years have commented ploy this works well right decrease the pain we're gonna add one more thing we forgot to add last time and then we're going to start out with that is before you do these exercises we're going to show you posture right and you would think posture would have anything to do with your joint your jaw joint but it does it it has a lot to do particularly head forward powder which is extreme and particularly the last decade because of our use of the phone's computer use sitting all the time I think well always one thing to point out Brad is it try eating and swallowing with good posture and then try eating and swallowing with forehead posture and you'll find out you can't do it very well because of the position of your jaw right and your throat yep so so that's a fundamental of good job I can write so the big thing is it is important that you work on your posture a chin tucks are a great one to do we've done these in many other videos a chin tuck is basically tucking your chin like this and stretching the back of the neck shoulders back through it holders back and you're also not going down or up you can just going straight back you can do them through all today do them in the car that's a great place right you know usually three to five reps is good if you do them every couple hours so sure ah the next thing is avoid just chewing hard to chew things you know so you know what's going on if you look at the the joint here's your jaw and right here's a TMJ joint can you focus in on this a little bit Mike I got TMJ stood for the the mouth jaw never ends that's a little joke why Bob is a why Bob so you know if everything's working smooth the joint opens and closes very nicely but what happens usually one side of the jaw or the other I guess misaligned gets locked up for whatever reason and then there'll be some clicking where the joint is not operating smoothly if you will yeah quite often it could be the muscles around it right might be tight they might be sore yeah and so they're throwing off the mechanics of it right so that's exactly what this treatment is gonna work on I the two primary muscles the masseter the one right there oh my god you lost another tooth alright so that jaw you know you ever see a horse they got massive masseter sure muscles said you know joint that muscle right there or the mandibular right there that's in that temple the temporalis eyebrows yes sorry I got all thrown off when they're all face this way Brad and point to the muscles right there right there and masseter right there let's put the head back yeah I feel bad yeah nothing to lose your head over you're killing me alright let's get on with their simple massages um we're gonna have to work around our mic system that's the only disadvantage with this video with the new mic system right we're gonna work the mandibular muscle okay bow the masseter masseter yeah well I'm really your thrall now okay so we're gonna move up and down right Brad yeah actually we're gonna start moving up just okay just up just up and with the jaw gently closed and you're gonna do this and you're gonna use these three fingers and get those fingertips in there take your time with it think about your breathing relaxed and your posture posture while you're doing this you don't want to be head forward like this that's why it's good to be in a chair even yeah with a back support precisely Bob now actually this is a good one you can do right with us on this video so just jump right in anytime and if you do that you know 5 to 10 repetitions and you're gonna go up to your did you hear that Mike is that making the noise and oh I didn't shave this form but don't tell anyone up oh the temporalis muscle this is one I don't have TMJ and this feels fantastic one way or another work those muscles and then the next one is simply the reverse instead of going to vertical strokes we're going to go downward and he can reverse it right on the temporalis muscle breathe out breathe and again good posture oh yes nice then we'll go down on the masseter what's the masseter muscle named after that one of those Latin words I imagine okay next one you're gonna take you can do this with your fingers or you can do it with your knuckles jaw still gently closed and work circles you can go clockwise you've messed our mics Ani bad call oh we just saw one side you can do both sides and it's okay just to do one side at a time you can kind of support your jaw with the other one yeah and work those knuckles in their work at both ways and work deep down into the muscles the idea that you get those muscles that are tight to loosen up it allows the mechanics to go backward working the way they should exactly I can have the imbalance and you can again do that on the on the temporary a little you bet now the last one like that glasses aren't working either with that is do it with the jaw open be a little more careful when you open the jaw all right yeah you do a job I'll talk so and you can do the up or down or your circles okay just go through them all and you're gonna spend you know 10 to 15 seconds what are you laughing at Mike huh okay can you hear me okay and then work it that way now we've got two other videos coming up with actual strengthening exercises that are also going to promote jaw mechanics with this Mike you got TMJ we're gonna work with him on this too or he's talking about jaw pain so those are coming up over the next few weeks – all right we can't wait remember we can be fixed just monet's except for a broken heart broken heart it's like working on it and we won't stop thanks for watching [Music] you

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