A complete recovery from tinnitus is possible.

I want to just confirm that it is absolutely 
possible to let go of tinnitus so that you have   no noise left in your ears this is not something 
that happens quickly or overnight you know it   can be a bit of a process getting there but it 
is possible for people to find silence again   regularly I work with people and they come in 
and say well last week I had four days of total   silence in the quiet room I couldn't hear a thing 
and then on the other days it was just very minor   and frankly I didn't really notice it because 
it wasn't enough to press into my awareness and   I'm not sure whether I have it or not because in 
the quiet room if I listen out then I can almost   create it again by focusing on it but when you get 
down to this level it's pretty much like anybody   else if you put anybody in a quiet sound booth and 
say listen out and see if you can hear anything   most people can ramp up their hearing sensitivity 
enough that they end up hearing the buzz of the   nervous system just like when my father took me 
out into the desert and asked me to listen to   the silence for 12 minutes after a few minutes 
I I thought I could hear the molecules banging   up against my eardrum but actually it was my own 
buzz within my body so most people who never have   tinnitus they can find it if they really strain 
to hear but why would they bother it's not an   issue for them and if you have had tinnitus in 
the past and you've made a complete recovery   then it's absolutely boring and uninteresting 
to try and find it again once you've let go   of tinnitus you just move on and you've got much 
more important things to worry about once you've   made a recovery it's like being able to feel your 
own socks you wouldn't walk around all day long   trying to feel your socks it's very low down in 
your awareness so why bother to know to sit once   once your activations come right down and you're 
no longer rooting for tinnitus or reacting to it   you let go of it it lets go view and the whole 
thing can go quiet this is not a miracle it's   not a rarity this happens all the time every day 
in my practice I come across this every week it's   it's it happens all the time I was on retreat in 
Germany last week and two people there used to   have tinnitus they had it one had it for six 
months and the other one had it for a couple   of years and they don't have it anymore and they 
don't think about it anymore this is no big deal   if you're going through the difficult period in 
tinnitus when you're freaking out and reacting   to it and you haven't yet learnt to self-soothe 
or you're dealing with an ongoing stress which is   keeping you activated and keeping you in this sort 
of freezing response or fight-or-flight response   or if you're going through some major auditory 
readjustment – noise trauma or shock then you know   it can take a while for your system to settle but 
please I want to be completely clear about this it   is possible to make a complete recovery you know 
like me tinnitus can come back a tiny bit if I   sit in a quiet room and I've got a stinking cold 
and I've had a particularly rough week you know   colds tend to really increase the irritability 
but I know it'll go away again so I don't react   to it my mind doesn't lock into the sound it's no 
big deal for me so it just goes away of its own   accord so every day I get asked if it is possible 
for tinnitus to back off and to make to be cured   of it and yes it is I I want to put this out there 
because I know it can be difficult for people who   are struggling with tinnitus because it may seem 
a bit of a way off but I want to leave no doubt   in people's mind that you can make a complete 
recovery long before you get to silence in a   quiet room it may be so low and uninteresting and 
unimportant you may not even bother to monitor   monitor it and this happens a lot but yes you 
can make a complete recovery from this condition

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