5 Tips How to Stop Tinnitus : Stop Buzzing in the Ears Ep. 309

Welcome to Vitalife, I'm Dr. Janine Boring, and to this episode I'm talking about my top five tips on how to stop tinnitus naturally, so is tinnitus It rings in the ears. How do we stop this? Well, first of all, let's talk about The reason, so the reason most often is the loud noise and what these do Loud noise is that it harms the little hair that is already inside The ears aren't really replaced once they're damaged. So what It happens that the brain then becomes hyperactive and kind of tries Compensating for this louder sound is called neural synchrony. So how Deal with this? Good tip number one is actually earwax, so earwax It helps balance what is happening in the ear, I have found it very effective Over the years my patients have suffered from or have chronic tinnitus Ears, so just look for a reputable person who knows what they're doing And it does it in a safe way in terms of earwax. The second tip is The anti-inflammatory effect, so consuming fish oils with natural or omega-3 acids The body's natural anti-inflammatories really help stop this tinnitus In the ears because there is part of an inflammatory process that occurs in the The inner ear, so take fish oils every day, the third tip of vinpocetine Now vinposetine from a plant It is a herbal medicine from periwinkle alfalfa Beautiful flower studies have already shown in a 2008 study Performed on the use of vinpocetine for chronic ringing in the ears and they are found Very promising results with the use of this herbal medicine, so it actually happens One of our products had a memory and brain booster, so I used it So already with my patients over the years in terms of helping out in that episode Years or this chronic tinnitus.

Number four is the craniosacral treatment, so the This is one of the things I do a lot with my patients and this A practical approach to that there are a lot of other videos about craniosacral therapy, So check it out here on YouTube, but using the skull to help balance those The inner ear and cranial bones actually move so that Working properly, this is really helpful for this chronic ringing in the ears. And advice Fifth is adrenal insufficiency, so make sure that The body isn't in this stress response all the time, so it's called empathy Excessive, we want to make sure that we are treating the adrenal gland to be sure You know that your nervous system and system are so nice and balanced This has an actual effect on chronic tinnitus because it does not Everyone exposed to loud noises suffers from this chronic problem in ringing Ears, so stress is a huge component and can actually lead to exacerbations Status and this ringing in times of stress, so make sure you are You deal with your stress and get your adrenal glands and you know proper functioning orde.r so thanks for joining me today, if you are interested at all With products, go to vitatree com, you can also contact our experts on vitatree to ask Your health questions that you may have.

If you have questions, please leave them Below is me, I would love to hear from you and subscribe to our channel if I was new to Vitalife. Thank you for watching today and following us Until the end of the video, we'd like you to subscribe until you get The newest and latest downloads at all times are here on White Life Show. Thank you To join me today..

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