2. Шум звон в ушах, простое лечение. Лицевой нерв.Tinnitus, ringing in the ear, simple treatment.

as you remember, I released a video cycle
on the shadow of tinnitus what to do and we have already figured out what these reasons
are to go like my video, I think it will be easier for you on earth with a guide in earthly
affairs, I have experience for reasons we have already figured out how to work with
one of these reasons is inflammation or an inflammatory process in the interior of the
maxillary sinuses and aquatic areas today we are sorting out such a cause as the facial
nerve and let's start with the simplest facial nerve as well as tissues inside the skull
suitable for the ear need nutrition and this is an artery branch of the facial nerve which
goes to the inner ear and feeds from the cerebellar artery and our task is to make the cerebellar
artery as efficient as possible in its work we need .

The first point is located on the
lateral edge or closer to the shoulder joint on the collarbone and as if behind it very
often you will feel that it hurts there if there is a fly problem holding this point
and as if pulling the fabric from the back of the ear under the back of the head to the
front, you will feel it most likely stretches badly pull up and forward as far as possible
and hold this point at the point under the finger should appear accordingly, you do it
from both sides you will feel a pulsation appear, you wait
for the pulsation to increase, then it subsides again, it takes about 8 minutes from 8 to
15 minutes, you can hold it longer if you do not have a pulsation, you can work according
to the sensations that I said you can work on time, then you need to do the following
procedure, we need to reboot the control structure, we know that some branches of the facial nerve
are combined with branches of the trigeminal nerve in the area of the skull inside the
skull and there are branches that connect to each other already on the surface of the
street that we did, we will not need anything cool but not very cold, you can take an egg
from the refrigerator and the simplest one from the refrigerator door is cold.

What do you do, you put an egg to this surface
with a toothpick, I'll take a pen with a toothpick, scratch the front side surface of the tongue
as if from above, and here at the same time scratch exclude it this way and then the procedure
is already clear to you I'm from the last video when we worked with the ears of this
experience, in my experience itself, this is already an experience, insert your fingers
into the ears tightly turn them counterclockwise, that is, if this is the right ear counterclockwise
the arrows are backwards and if it's a lem counterclockwise it's forward that is, you're
going deep enough you try to turn the fabric and the ear so
that your fingers do not slip and hold and you should feel like a spring, as if there
is a spring between your ears, it should shrink, turn and push your fingers out, as if a certain
breath is created inside the skull go through the procedure this can be done
in principle once, you can repeat it, you need to do these manipulations for at least
5 days to understand whether there is a result from this procedure or not, usually after
all the advice that I give people have results if this advice relates specifically to this
problem if you have facial nerve problems, it happens to everyone because a large number
of people went to the dentist and this is most often because of dental problems when
they do anesthesia, gin sounded strange of course, but you understood me, but sometimes
it does not happen due to the fact that a person has frozen one side constantly here
in Ulan-Ude, they almost have a car blowing, and it may be a cold, so your task is to do
it again, the first most important thing is to saturate the space inside it with fluff
through the adjacent arteries with blood so that oxygen appears there, heat appears yes,
that is, internal heat.

9 take the collarbone here is your collarbone
and here is the lateral one . it is called displaced from the center from the body and
it is concluded, press it will turn on, hold it with an offset, as if the fascia of the
skin were pressed down to the skin when they trusted together with the muscles and pulled
forward, fixed everything in this position and hold it all for 8 to 15 20 minutes a day,
you can repeat it several times, that is, constantly add blood circulation inside the
ear this is one of the simplest techniques you can also do a massage of the neck-collar
zone of the area under the occipital can shift here in front and given when you have done
this procedure with blood with a reboot, you need to do so called a regional exercise,
the geminal reflexes is one of the most popular videos on my channel when I was working with
a child with a cut and it also worked, this video is already on the right 159 thousand
views, you can go on my channel, I'll show you where this is the most viewed video that
you do you take a long stick can be wooden or plastic, it doesn't matter that you couldn't
determine that it's your finger before close your eyes you touch yourself in any place and the task
is to create a mimic movement in a specific local region, this is also work on the page
and facial nerve, that is, we close the arc of the pyramidal tract with pyramidal cells
with the central gyrus, the sensitive endings fall on the post of the central animals, that
is, this arc closes and we try to understand our own face with our consciousness, and we
can understand and act only through the facial no because it is motor, it unnerves the facial
muscles and therefore you can practice on the motor I of the word nerve, respectively,
this will create the excitation of the nucleus of the facial nerve is more active more pointwise
and, accordingly, it will need more oxygen and a command will come to the bloodstream
that I need more oxygen and just automatically it will be created by your nervous system
without your direct participation, once again they closed their eyes with a wand, let's
say they moved here and so this part should twitch and you should concentrate on sima
flax so that this part twitches here, try not to move the jaws, but specifically the
mimic muscles can touch here on here easily here these this twig well, and in this way
you give yourself to power for 20 minutes attention, go to the mirror first take a picture
of yourself, your wrinkles, how your eyes are set, your ears, the asymmetry of the face,
look at yours and then do everything I said on one side, put the mirror out of these yourself,
see the result, write to me in the comments what has changed, what has not changed, please
write in the ears if it has not changed, we are waiting for other videos because we still
have problems with the auditory nerve and with the temporal bone, rotation of the temporal
bone functions of the skull and we have to put the skulls in order in this there will
be another video now you see a black screen, it's the same fact as this that this video
was useful, youtube should also find out about it, it will find out this way if you shared
this video with just one person, I'm waiting for you on my channel happy

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