शून्य मुद्रा | Shunya Mudra for Deafness & Tinnitus By Nityanandam Shree

Namaskaram (Hello) Today I'll teach you how to practice Shunya Mudra (Gesture of Emptiness). If you will practice it regularly, then all your ear problems like buzzing in the ears, ear discharge, ear pain etc. will start to vanish soon. Now, let's understand how to practice it. Firstly, place your middle finger at the end of your thumb, where the last thumb line/crease is situated, then place your thumb above it (as if you are pressing your finger with your thumb) This is Shunya Mudra (Gesture of Emptiness). Practicing it with both hands is more beneficial. However, in case you cannot practice it with both hands (may be your one hand is injured or any other reason), then practicing it with only one hand will also work. But while doing Yoga / Pranayama (Breathing exercises), one should practice it with both hands. It can be practiced anytime of the day i.e. while doing Yoga or whenever you are free during the day. The benefits of doing it are: Firstly, those who feel pressure in their ears and ears start to discharge fluid, their ear pressure will diminish and fluid discharge will stop gradually.

Secondly, it will diminish the ear noise (any type of noise i.e. ringing, buzzing, clicking) For the people with the problem of Tinnitus, this Gesture will help to improve their condition. But simultaneously, you should also put oil in your ears, preferably garlic infused oil, once or twice in a week for additional benefits. Thirdly, this Gesture is also helpful for people who are losing their hearing power.

Fourthly, people with excessively weak bones can benefit a lot from this gesture. It will make their bones strong. If someone's bones are getting hollow they can also practice this gesture. Even for people whose thyroid gland is hyper active i.e. excessive secretion of thyroid hormones and you have to take medicines to reduce its secretion. In this condition also Shunya Mudra (Gesture of Emptiness) is beneficial. If you practice this Gesture while doing Yoga/ Pranayama (Breathing Exercises), then your Yoga / Pranayama (Breathing Exercises) benefit will be added to this gesture. So, the organ affected with any of the problems that I just mentioned will be benefited fully.

So, this was Shunya Mudra (Gesture of Emptiness). There are few precautions to it. Firstly, you cannot do it while standing or walking. Any gesture can be practiced while standing or walking except Shunya Mudra (Gesture of Emptiness) & Aakash Mudra (Ether Gesture). Secondly, a person who is suffering from pains cannot practice it because we don't interfere with Aakash (Ether) element in a person whose Vata dosha (Air Element) is imbalanced. These were few precautions of this gesture. Hope you would have liked this information and you will give it a try. After trying this gesture, do share your feedback with me. It updates me also and helps me in understanding where things are lacking, and what do I need to teach you next or whatsoever. So, be in touch. That's all for today. Namaskaram (Good Bye). "Don't ask if eating non-veg is good or bad, just understand that for every living being the pain of dying is equal".

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